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The Coffeehouse Investor Blog

Timeless Investing Thumbnail

Timeless Investing

One of the significant benefits of maximizing portfolio returns in low-cost index and passively managed funds is that it frees up your time to ignore Wall Street and pursue more meaningful endeavors in life.

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The Tax Labyrinth Thumbnail

The Tax Labyrinth

The complexities of managing taxes through various accounts and cash flow streams as retirement approaches and throughout one’s retirement years is anything but straightforward.

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Not In My World Thumbnail

Not In My World

For women (like my four sisters) who embrace the Coffeehouse investment philosophy, it gives them the confidence to focus, not on the markets and their portfolios, but on financial planning issues that actually matter.

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My Big Day Thumbnail

My Big Day

If you are intent on building wealth, ignoring Wall Street and getting on with your life over the next 25 years, an essential component to that is “ignoring Wall Street.”

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The Power in You Thumbnail

The Power in You

You have the power to turn your attention toward your essential creativity to discover a purpose in life that is more life-giving than the daily commotion of Wall Street.

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