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The Coffeehouse Investor Blog

Change a Life Thumbnail

Change a Life

This holiday season, instead of the usual material gifts, why not potentially change a life by providing them with the invaluable knowledge of a simple investment philosophy.

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Right or Wrong Thumbnail

Right or Wrong

Whenever there is a steep market decline, the financial press either criticizes the entire 401(k) plan structure or the 60/40 stock-bond allocation. Is the 60/40 portfolio right for you?

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Eighth Wonder of the World Thumbnail

Eighth Wonder of the World

Compounding doesn’t just happen in the stock market; the success of our health and wealth is built around our adherence to compounding as well.

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The Sky Is Falling – Or Not Thumbnail

The Sky Is Falling – Or Not

In 2022, interest rates experienced a dramatic reversal. The Federal Reserve increased the federal funds rate over five percentage points, causing bond prices to tumble.

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Set It And Forget It? Thumbnail

Set It And Forget It?

Have columnists gone too far in predicting the demise of a straightforward approach that Coffeehouse Investors have embraced over the past two decades?

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