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The Coffeehouse Investor Blog

Is It Time? Thumbnail

Is It Time?

Is it time for you or a loved one to consider a move to assisted living? From personal experience, it can be a challenging and emotional decision.

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Your Biggest Risk Thumbnail

Your Biggest Risk

With nearly 70% of retirees needing some type of long-term care, does your financial plan include this unexpected expense?

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Rain or Shine Thumbnail

Rain or Shine

As I reflect on the journey we have embarked on together, I am reminded of the importance of my own planning for the future.

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Spooking You Out? Thumbnail

Spooking You Out?

Are you trying to keep up with the Labor Department’s monthly release of the CPI? How does that data translate to your portfolio management and longer-term planning?

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A Financial Flop? Thumbnail

A Financial Flop?

If a steep market decline forces someone to work longer and spend less in retirement, it might just be an asset allocation problem due to poor planning by the investor.

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Heart to Heart Thumbnail

Heart to Heart

How can you be in complete control of your financial destiny when your stocks may have plummeted 40% during the last bear market?

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