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The Coffeehouse Investor Blog

Make Those Losses Count! Thumbnail

Make Those Losses Count!

Tax-loss harvesting is a technique that involves strategically selling investments that have experienced losses to offset capital gains and thereby reduce your tax liability.

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Tax Bracket What?  Thumbnail

Tax Bracket What?

By forecasting your income over the next decade, it might be possible to minimize your taxes and optimize your returns by leveling out your income.

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It's Tax Time!  Thumbnail

It's Tax Time!

I know I harp on taxes but it's because taxes will likely be the biggest drain on your portfolio – by a country mile.

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The Gender Gap Thumbnail

The Gender Gap

A landmark study found that on average, men trade 45 percent more than women in their portfolios. This trading reduced men’s net return by almost one percentage point a year compared to women.

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Changing the Narrative Thumbnail

Changing the Narrative

Women have long taken charge of the daily “household finances.” Unfortunately, almost 60% of married women do not engage in longer-term financial planning for the household.

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