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The Coffeehouse Investor Blog

Dial In Your Settings Thumbnail

Dial In Your Settings

I will be stepping away from earned income in the not-too-distant future and am expecting the next 25 years to be the best years of my life, in part, because I have a financial plan.

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The Time is Now Thumbnail

The Time is Now

Turbulence and turmoil, destruction and despair. These are the headlines that greet us each day. If you didn’t know any better, you would think the world is ending soon.

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A Better Way? Thumbnail

A Better Way?

The simplest approach to diversifying your stock market investments is to invest in one index fund that represents the entire stock market.

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The Big Debate Thumbnail

The Big Debate

Is a total stock market index fund the best way to invest in the stock market, or are there benefits of including other dimensions of the market, including value, small-value, and international index funds inside your portfolio?

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Can You Beat the Index? Thumbnail

Can You Beat the Index?

In the world of picking stocks, there is no such thing as a “professional.” In fact, you could argue that the harder one tries to pick the top stocks, the more they will underperform.

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Ponder This Thumbnail

Ponder This

Does your financial plan consider the possibility that this market dimension might produce annualized returns less than the negative -27.13% cumulative return from 1999-2008?

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