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The Coffeehouse Investor Blog

CFO Meets CIO Thumbnail


When household CIOs create portfolios of broad market index and passively managed funds, it gives them confidence that they are maximizing returns in their entire portfolio.

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Unlikely, But Not Impossible Thumbnail

Unlikely, But Not Impossible

The bear market of 2022 is a distant past, a reminder that stocks generate higher returns than bonds and CDs if you hold them long enough. Is that always the case?

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Frothy Markets Thumbnail

Frothy Markets

Is it possible to ignore the stock market, and live our lives as if the stock market doesn’t exist, when for many of us, over half our liquid net worth is attached to its daily fluctuations?

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Smart Planning Thumbnail

Smart Planning

Are your common stock holdings positioned to capture the lion’s share of that return over the next 10 or 20 years?

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Bitcoin Bravado? Thumbnail

Bitcoin Bravado?

While it makes it easier for investors to buy bitcoin in their portfolios, not all financial institutions are offering it on their trading platforms. Is there a place in your portfolio for a bitcoin ETF?

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Move More Thumbnail

Move More

By keeping your portfolio simple, you then have time to focus on the planning issues (that aren’t always so simple) that will have a meaningful impact on your financial and emotional well-being.

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