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Live Well & Confidently

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Bill Schultheis Photo

Bill Schultheis

After an 11 year career working with a Wall Street brokerage firm in Seattle, I stepped away and wrote The Coffeehouse Investor: How to Build Wealth, Ignore Wall Street & Get On With Your Life.

I felt there was an enormous opportunity to share an investment philosophy that was starting to capture the attention of investors – that the smart way to invest in the stock market was through low-cost index funds.  

Twenty years later, working with Coffeehouse Investors from all walks of life, I found that the real benefit to this investment philosophy is that it allows us to focus on what we can control, not the markets.  

My mission in creating The Coffeehouse Investor is to share these three timeless principles with everyone who accepts financial responsibility for their retirement. I can’t accomplish this mission alone, but working together, we can.

One investor at a time.    

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