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The Gender Gap Thumbnail

The Gender Gap

This won't be the last time I talk about women and investing, but as I wrap up our discussion over the last couple of weeks, I have one more point to highlight.

A 2001 landmark study of over 35,000 households found that on average, men trade 45 percent more than women in their portfolios. This trading reduced men’s net return by almost one percentage point a year compared to women.

Women might be better investors, but Fidelity Investment’s “2021 Women and Investing Study” reveals that they have a way to go in making portfolio decisions with confidence.

Alas, per that study, only 19% of women ‘feel confident selecting investments that align with their goals.’


Imagine the things you could accomplish if you were 100% confident with your investment decisions: 

  1. When you are 100% confident with your investment decisions, it might encourage you to save a little more while working, and maybe, just maybe, spend a little more confidently in retirement.  
  2. When you are 100% confident with your investment decisions, it allows you the opportunity to direct all your financial decisions on areas of wealth planning that will have a huge impact on your well-being in the decades ahead, like tax planning, estate planning, and yes, ultimately elder-care planning for later in life. 
  3. When you are 100% confident with your investment decisions, it allows you to ignore Wall Street and get on with your life. Although our investing philosophy is simple and straightforward, that may be the greatest benefit of all.

Build a Network

I spend much of my time discussing financial plans with investors of all types; couples, single men and women, widows and widowers. I can't emphasize enough the importance of including a family member or trusted partner in your financial decisions, especially in your later years when embracing cognitive and health issues.    

If you have $1 million or more of investible assets and are in or close to retirement, let's connect in a complimentary strategy call and discuss the plan for your future.