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The Coffeehouse Investor Is YOU

You are creative. You are successful. You live a rich life. You realize that fulfillment in life comes not from the size of a bank account but from the energy you put forth pursing things that bring meaning to your existence.

Like other Coffeehouse Investors...

  • You want to be involved in a fulfilling career.
  • Someday you want retire, at least from earned income.
  • In retirement, you want to live a lifestyle like the one you grew into while working.

Are you on track? Building wealth and ignoring Wall Street can appearing intimidating and insurmountable. It doesn’t have to be that way. Here’s how we offer guidance and clarity on your journey through life to confirm you are making the right decisions.

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Each week we publish a newsletter to inspire you in building wealth while getting on with your life.

Timely Guidance

Every month we provide timely advice on key components of a financial plan, including strategies on portfolio construction, tax efficiency, risk management and retirement topics.


The Coffeehouse Investor Book, Facebook & Podcasts provide a deeper understanding of the impact of Coffeehouse principles in your life.

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