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Live a Richer Life Thumbnail

Live a Richer Life

“… It's a Catch-22 because in our heart we know that money can't buy us happiness. Yet we live in a culture where it is consumer-driven, where money can buy you happiness. I'm not criticizing our consumer-driven culture. Capitalism is the best form of an economic system that has ever been formed. What I'm suggesting and encouraging the reader to do is look for opportunities to live their rich life in a way that gives meaning to their life in their communities, their schools, their families, and especially in their own self.” – excerpt from my interview with Motley Fool. 

As the holidays are fast approaching, I hope you can find opportunities to create meaning in your life. In my latest interview with Motley Fool, I talk about my reasons for starting The Coffeehouse Investor 22 years ago and the message I want readers to take away from my second book, The Coffeehouse Investor’s Ground Rules: Save, Invest and Plan for a Life of Wealth and Happiness.

I hope you find ways to connect with your friends and family in the days ahead and that you have a great week.

Happy Thanksgiving!