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Increase Your Returns Thumbnail

Increase Your Returns

How can you increase portfolio returns so that you have more money to enjoy in retirement? Let me count the ways.

  1. Create a financial plan, as discussed in last week's newsletter. Having a financial plan can lead to 2.7x higher net worth on average. *
  2. Create a Coffeehouse Investor-type portfolio of low-cost index funds that maximize your returns over time by allowing you to stay committed to your portfolio and financial plan. Research by Dalbar concludes that this is a struggle for many investors. 
  3. Finally, even though Tax Day has passed, don't ignore taxes in your portfolio. Over a lifetime of investing, taxes are likely to be the biggest drain on your portfolio returns.

Creating a tax-efficient portfolio while you are saving is essential. 

More importantly, creating a tax-efficient withdrawal strategy when you are retired and spending your money is crucial, as pointed out in this timely post from Vanguard.    

Start maximizing your portfolio returns with a strategy session with me. Together we can build a financial plan that works for you.
*As reported by Charles Schwab in research carried out by Strategic Business Insights.