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Changing the Narrative Thumbnail

Changing the Narrative

I grew up in an idyllic little farming town in the state of Washington, gently described by National Geographic as a “Paradise Called the Palouse.”

Back then my buddies and I were winning lots of state championships in football and baseball.

The girls weren’t winning much of anything.

That changed when a few of my buddies got married, and along with their wives, decided to change the narrative.

Early on their daughters had lots of fun dribbling basketballs.

Those little girls went on to win 9 state championships in basketball and 6 in softball.

How’s that for changing the narrative? You can ask Caitlin Clark the same question. The University of Iowa phenom became the all-time leading scorer in NCAA women's basketball on Thursday night.

It is time to change the narrative for women and investing.

Women have long taken charge of the daily “household finances.” Unfortunately, almost 60% of married women do not engage in longer-term financial planning for the household even though eight out of 10 women will be solely responsible for their finances later in life.

That needs to change. Major trends necessitate it.   

  1. Women are living longer – a lot longer, than men.
  2. Nearly half of marriages are likely to end in divorce.
  3. Women are expected to inherit a disproportionate amount of the $68 trillion in wealth that baby boomers are passing down in the years ahead.

I might be a little biased, but over the past quarter-century, I have noticed that women in particular have tuned into The Coffeehouse Investor’s ground rules because it allows them to take charge of their financial destiny while ignoring the male-driven arrogance of Wall Street. Stay tuned – next week we will discover the significant impact our investing approach has on longer-term financial planning, for women and men alike.  

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