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Brilliant Beginner Thumbnail

Brilliant Beginner

My dad gave me your book on my 21st birthday to start saving and investing, and this week’s newsletter was especially insightful and useful for me at this moment.

Sincerely, Faith

A few weeks ago I received the above email from a Coffeehouse Investor.

Over the past 22 years, I have been inspired by Coffeehouse Investors who take a moment to share our timeless principles with a child or grandchild, intent on getting them started in the right direction with building lifetime wealth.

Graduation season is upon us and is an opportune time to touch someone’s life in a profound way.

For every brilliant beginner who is caught up in the lure of quick riches through Gamestop and Bitcoin, there is a silent majority who want to make smart decisions as they begin to save and invest in their workplace retirement plan.

You can change the world, one young investor at a time.

Give them a nudge. Show them the way.