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The Time is Now Thumbnail

The Time is Now

Turbulence and turmoil, destruction and despair.  

These are the headlines that greet us each day. If you didn’t know any better, you would think the world is ending soon.

I’m betting that it won’t, along with the tens of thousands of recent college graduates who have put away their textbooks, taken final exams, and are anxiously pursuing the first offer of employment.  

This is my letter to them.  

Congratulations. Throw a party and have some fun, then roll up your sleeves and get to work. The world needs your bright ideas and uncluttered minds to address some of the problems we old folks can't seem to solve. 

If this is your first visit to the Coffeehouse Investor, welcome aboard. Our graduation gift to you is packaged in three simple principles that will profoundly impact your financial well-being throughout your lifetime.  

  1. Don’t put all your eggs in one basket – diversify.
  2. There is no such thing as a free lunch – capture the market’s return through low-cost index and passively managed funds.
  3. Save for a rainy day – focus on what you can control and ignore what you can’t.

What is so special about these principles? Absolutely nothing and that is the point. Our philosophy allows you to remove yourself from Wall Street’s “get rich quick” mantra of bitcoin and meme stocks, enabling you to focus on those things that bring meaning to your life. You can make a difference in a world that pines for your creativity and new ideas.  

I also want to share three more principles that have been revealed to me by Coffeehouse Investors around the world, principles that remind us that a successful life isn't achieved through the accumulation of things, but through the sharing of our wisdom and resources to accentuate our unique purpose on earth. 

Tune in to yourself. Inside of you is a creative spark that yearns to be lit by your imagination and fueled by your hard work.

Tune in to those who tune in to you. If you are still searching for that spark, engaging with friends, family, and co-workers who have found theirs will help you find yours.  

Tune in to your community. In a country that prides itself on “rugged” individualism, a wonderful energy evolves when we come together to enact positive change in this world. Step up, step out, and get involved – the world is waiting for you, and the time to start is now.  

Peace of Mind is Just Ahead

I challenge you to build wealth, ignore Wall Street, and get on with your life. If you struggle with these commitments because retirement is daunting or the market forecast doesn’t leave you optimistic, connect with me in a strategy call. Let’s build a financial plan that provides clarity and peace of mind for your life.