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Dial In Your Settings

“Creating a financial plan to see you through 25 years of unemployment, called retirement, is like descending through a heavy cloud cover to land your airplane. The secret is to dial in your power settings and make small adjustments along the way.”  

Excerpt from my second book, The Coffeehouse Investor Ground Rules.

I will be stepping away from earned income in the not-too-distant future to embrace this thing called retirement and am expecting the next 25 years to be the best years of my life, in part, because I have a financial plan.

It may not be the perfect plan and that doesn’t matter, because I’ll be making small adjustments along the way. Research by Strategic Business Insights, as reported by Charles Schwab, reveals that “those who had a financial plan and stuck with it have an average total net worth that is 2.7 times greater than those who don't have a plan.”

Oh, by the way, how is that financial plan of yours coming along?

Over the next 4 weeks I will share with you the four power settings of my financial plan that give me the ultimate confidence in mine, and that you might want to integrate into yours.

There is nothing like peering into the horizon of a 25-year period of unemployment, just as there is nothing like descending through the thick marine clouds over Elliott Bay, then breaking out at 800 feet to see the runway at Boeing Field in Seattle.

It is one of the greatest feelings in the world.

That is how I expect to live my retirement.

Stay tuned.

Let's Strategize

If you have questions about your retirement financial plan, let's connect in a complimentary strategy call and discuss your plan, including your rebalancing approach and withdrawal strategy during retirement.