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You Make The Call Thumbnail

You Make The Call

Jack Bogle founded Vanguard in 1976, intent on introducing index funds to all of us.
Over the years, the voice of Mr. Bogle was a prominent one, as he spoke to the wisdom of owning these low-cost, tax-efficient investments as the surest way to capture “your fair share” of market returns.
With over 88% of all actively managed funds underperforming their respective benchmarks over time, it comes as no surprise that savvy investors are paying attention.  

Jack Bogle passed away in January 2019, but his legacy at Vanguard lives on, and I continue to keep close tabs on what his crew at Vanguard says when it comes to building a common-stock portfolio.

Today Vanguard is saying that domestic large-cap growth stocks might underperform other dimensions of both the domestic and international markets.

In its July 2021 “Market Perspectives” Vanguard forecasts an annualized return projection of -.5% to 1.5% over the next ten years of U.S. growth stocks.

Yes, you read that right.

Now take a look at the concentration of U.S. large growth stocks in your portfolio.

Is it time to diversify?