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The Tax Labyrinth Thumbnail

The Tax Labyrinth

Over the past 25 years, Jonathan Clements has been my favorite financial columnist. For the first 15 years, he wrote a weekly “Getting Going” column for the Wall Street Journal, advocating low-cost index funds as a cornerstone to more detailed financial planning.

He continues to offer his simple and straightforward wisdom through his weekly newsletter “Humble Dollar.”

Clements’ recent newsletter was anything but straightforward, highlighting the complexities of managing taxes through various accounts and cash flow streams as retirement approaches and throughout one’s retirement years.

A report from Research Affiliates states that taxes represent the biggest drain on your portfolio.*

If you are intent on creating a sustainable portfolio throughout your retirement years, Clements' article is a reminder to stop focusing on the markets and start focusing on things that matter – like your taxes.    

What's Your Retirement Tax Plan?

We build investment and financial plans with taxes at the forefront of our minds. With a CPA on staff, we leverage our experience to minimize your taxes and maximize your returns. Let's strategize and build a plan together.