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The Genius In You Thumbnail

The Genius In You

Artificial intelligence (AI) is an earth-shaking innovation that will boost productivity across all dimensions of industries and occupations.

If you are trying to position your portfolio to take advantage of this revolution, embrace the genius in you.

To begin, let’s look at the past for clues to capitalize on the technology of the future.

In this space I frequently highlight why you need to own the next decade’s top performing stocks to maximize returns in your common-stock holdings.

If history is any guide, this decade’s top-performing stocks in the S&P 500 Index will not be the stocks that topped the index for the ten-year period ending 2019.

My hunch is based on history. There wasn’t one stock in the top 10 from 2000-2009 that made the list of stocks in the most recent decade. *

The genius in you – the genius of Coffeehouse Investors – is that you know the only way to have owned the top stocks of the 2000s, the top stocks of the 2010s, and the top stocks of the current decade . . .

. . . is to own them all.

This is not a flippant comment. This approach to investing in common stocks is likely to be more important than ever before, because of the unknown impact AI will have on the global marketplace.

From a human perspective, artificial intelligence will touch almost every dimension of our lives.

From an investing perspective, embrace the genius in you.

Preserve Your Wealth

Once you've built a portfolio, focus on the financial planning matters that will most likely have the biggest impact on preserving your wealth. Those matters include tax planning, trust and estate planning, cash flow planning, and 401(k) and retirement planning to name a few.

If you're ready to build a plan that sustains you throughout your retirement and have $1 million or more of investible assets, strategize a plan with me today.