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The Awe Of Life Thumbnail

The Awe Of Life

For the past 25 years, you and I have been working together to help investors “Build Wealth, Ignore Wall Street, and Get On With Their Lives."

Although we discuss things like asset allocation, tax efficiency, and sequence of returns risk, in the end our goal isn’t necessarily to have a bigger bank account when we die; it is to live a richer life while we are alive. 

Speaking of living a richer life, with summer around the corner, let’s turn away from all things financial and talk about the awe of life.

Take a moment and read Jancee Dunn’s column in The New York Times, “This Kind of Walk Is Much More Than a Workout” where she explores “awe walks,” outdoor rambles designed to cultivate a sense of amazement. She explains that “Incorporating awe into your daily stroll can bring mental and physical benefits.”
Finding awe in commonplace things sure beats following the stock market, at least for Coffeehouse Investors.

Have a great summer!

Get On With Your Life

Create a plan that allows "walks of awe" and time to enjoy this season. If you have $1 million or more of investible assets and are in or close to retirement, let's connect and strategize a plan that fits your needs.