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Tap Into Your Own Creativity Thumbnail

Tap Into Your Own Creativity

We are swirling around in the Milky Way galaxy of our universe. We are not sure how we got here or where we are going, but I am quite sure there is an energy called life flowing through us all. The more we tap into this Energy of the Universe and cultivate our essential creativity, the more we will be able to live a life of wealth and happiness.  - The Coffeehouse Investor Ground Rules
It is dumping snow in my little town of Edmonds, WA, just north of Seattle, and I am getting ready to embrace tomorrow’s winter solstice.
The year’s longest, darkest night allows us to reflect on the year gone by and celebrate the shift to longer days ahead.
It is also a time to reflect on and tap into our own creativity for the new year. Deep in our bones, we all have a desire to create, to imagine something new and to bring that idea to life.
I have felt this in my own bones and connecting with Coffeehouse Investors over the past 25 years has convinced me of it as well. A life of wealth and happiness materializes when our essential creativity comes alive and is shared with others.
In the chaos of the next few weeks, take a moment to celebrate the darkness. Renew your commitment to the creativity that speaks vibrantly within you, so that you can share it with the world.
Remember, true wealth and happiness comes from the connections we build with each other. Know that the harmony you possess with your financial resources, you will pass on to future generations, which will help them live their rich lives, just as you are living your rich life today.

Happy Holidays!