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Shocking Report! Thumbnail

Shocking Report!

The stock market is not what you think it is. Not by a long shot.Over time, most stocks have been duds, barely outperforming Treasury Bills (T-Bills).*

Only a select few outperformers have generated meaningful returns.  

Since 1926, almost the entire wealth creation of common stocks can be found in 4% of stocks.

This means that 96% of stocks barely matched the return of T-Bills.  

With Vanguard forecasting substantially lower returns in common stocks over the coming decade, can you afford to make the same mistakes you have made in the past and still reach your financial goals?

Is it time to become a Coffeehouse Investor and build a smart portfolio?  
Don't chase the market; let's connect and start planning to reach your goals.

* Bessembinder, H. (2018) Do Stocks Outperform Treasury Bills? Journal of Financial Economics