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Set It And Forget It? Thumbnail

Set It And Forget It?

This past week, I received several emails wanting my take on Spencer Jakob’s article in The Wall Street Journal titled “Your ‘Set It and Forget It’ 401(k) Made You Rich. No More.

This comes on the heels of Eric Wallerstein’s article in the same publication titled "The Trusted 60-40 Investing Strategy Just Had Its Worst Year in Generations,” arguing that ‘this mix of stocks and bonds isn’t cutting it anymore.’

I encourage you to read both articles, as they address many dimensions of portfolio construction and financial planning that are sure to be a part of your discussion in the years ahead.

Jakob and Wallerstein bring up key points that should always be at the forefront of your financial planning.

Have the columnists gone too far in predicting the demise of a straightforward approach that Coffeehouse Investors have embraced over the past two decades?

 What is in store for your portfolio and financial well-being in the years ahead?

Stay tuned. Over the next few weeks, I will cover these issues and answer your questions.

Ignore the Noise

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