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Off The Wall Thumbnail

Off The Wall

“Off the wall” is defined in the Merriam-Webster dictionary as follows:
“Highly unusual, bizarre.”
If I were to share with you a key ingredient for the success of many Coffeehouse Investors, you might reply, “That is a little off the wall.”
Some of you might respond, “That’s highly unusual.”
And still others would reply, “That’s bizarre.”
The one key ingredient many Coffeehouse Investors incorporate into their portfolio, and more importantly into their lives, is that they rarely monitor the value of their portfolio.
In other words, they aren’t sitting in front of their computers checking account balances in relation to the markets.  
In a world where Wall Street is offering the latest in real-time portfolio analysis and trading, our key ingredient is certainly highly unusual, if not bizarre.  
Over the past twenty years, tuning out Wall Street and monitoring my portfolio once or twice a year has benefited me in at least three ways:
  1. It allows me to focus on how much I save (or spend, when retired). With my financial plan on track, my savings (or spending) is the only thing that matters in reaching my short and long-term goals.
  2. With my Coffeehouse Investor portfolio set, I know I will capture my fair share of market returns over the next twenty years, as I have the past twenty years – no need to make any adjustments based on the market’s daily movement and the pundits’ weekly calls. 
  3. Life is challenging enough as it is. I want to focus my mental energy on financial planning issues that matter, like tax management strategies and estate planning. I want to direct my attention to the positive differences I can make in my family, my community, and my career. 
Is it time to build a Coffeehouse Investor portfolio, and tune in to what matters most in your life? Let's connect and build one together.

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