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Not In My World Thumbnail

Not In My World

study by Fidelity in 2021 revealed that only 33% of women “feel confident in their ability to make investment decisions.” 

Are you kidding me?

Not in my world and not with Coffeehouse investors. 

From my experience, that number is closer to 100%. 

For women (like my four sisters) who embrace the Coffeehouse investment philosophy, it gives them the confidence to focus, not on the markets and their portfolios, but on financial planning issues that actually matter, like . . .

  1. Retirement planning for saving and spending
  2. Tax planning to minimize taxes and maximize returns
  3. Estate planning for legacy desires and tax benefits
  4. Education planning for children and grandchildren
  5. Elder-care planning for your loved ones

Just to name a few.

Not surprisingly, in this same study 71% of women reveal that they would save more if they had more confidence in their investing decisions. 

Maybe their confidence would go up if they were introduced to a straightforward way of maximizing returns inside their portfolio. A primary benefit of owning a portfolio of index and passively managed funds is the confidence you possess knowing you are capturing your fair share of market returns.

Let’s get that dismal 33% number where it should be – 100%.

It is never too late to change a life. Take a moment and share the Coffeehouse wisdom you have been embracing all these years with someone in your world who could benefit from our guiding principles. 

Ready for a Complimentary Evaluation?

In my 30-minute strategy session, we discuss your investment plan, rebalancing approach, and ways to accentuate a smart accumulation and withdrawal strategy during retirement.  Strategize a plan with me that provides confidence in your financial goals - for now and beyond.