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Let's go play Thumbnail

Let's go play

I am amused at the amount of attention the online trading platform Robinhood has received of late.

A recent article in The Guardian points out that Robinhood allows amateur stock investors to “play the market.”

Coffeehouse Investors realize there is a big difference between building wealth to last a lifetime and “playing the market.”

Many other investors have not made that distinction yet, especially those who are just starting to make decisions about how to invest their money.

Is there someone in your life looking for guidance in their journey to building wealth?

Take a moment and share this article with them; The Coffeehouse Investor’s three steps to upping your financial well-being.
  1. Save more.
  2. Advance your career and bank the increased salary.
  3. Start a business. 
The challenge of building wealth can appear intimidating and insurmountable. It doesn’t have to be. It starts with making smart financial decisions early in your career, and not by “playing the market.”

Fill out this survey and let's discuss how we can up your game.