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Juice Your Returns Thumbnail

Juice Your Returns

Over the past two weeks, this newsletter has explored the downside to “gambling” inside your portfolio, not only with highly speculative meme-type stocks, but more candidly with individual blue-chip stocks.

To be blunt, research shows investors significantly increase their chances of underperforming the overall market by incorporating individual holdings into one’s portfolio. Surprisingly, many investors seem to be turning a deaf ear to the numbers. 

As reported in last Monday’s Wall Street Journal, data by the Vanda Research Group reveals that “net purchases of single stocks have climbed since the start of the year, while net buying of ETFs has stagnated.” 

Are you looking to roll the dice, juice your returns, and accentuate your portfolio’s value to sustain you throughout your retirement? I have a suggestion, and it has nothing to do with picking individual stocks. 

Create a financial plan. 

Charles Schwab reveals, in research carried out by Strategic Business Insights, that having a financial plan can lead to 2.7x higher net worth on average at retirement. 

How will a financial plan accentuate your retirement portfolio? Let me count the ways . . .

  1. Clarity of Goal. Having a financial plan gives you clarity on what you want to achieve, and a roadmap to follow. Most importantly, it helps you prioritize your spending and savings.
  2. Reduces Financial Stress. By having a plan, you can reduce stress by having a clearer understanding of your financial situation and what needs to happen as you move toward your goals.
  3. Focus on What is Important. When you create a financial plan that includes a Coffeehouse Investor portfolio (that maximizes returns), you turn away from the stock market and focus on what you can control in the planning process. Most of all, it allows you to focus on the important things in life, like your family, your friends, and activities that bring meaning to your being. That is what life is all about. 

Build a Plan That Sustains Your Wealth

If you have generated $1 million or more of investible assets and want to increase your net worth, let's strategize. I've built a career constructing financial plans for investors to sustain wealth and maximize their quality of life.