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Investing 3.0 Thumbnail

Investing 3.0

Dimensional Fund Advisors (DFA) is a financial services company that offers building blocks for portfolios. 

Like Vanguard, it is a leader in the science of passive (indexing) products that allow you to build wealth, ignore Wall Street, and get on with your life. 

David Booth, DFA’s co-founder, recently penned a profound article on the significant impact a Coffeehouse Investor-like approach can have, not only on your finances, but on your physical health as well. As you move forward in your life, Mr. Booth points out that there are many similarities between embracing smart financial planning and living a healthy and longer life.

  1. There’s no one-size-fits-all solution.
  2. There are no quick fixes.
  3. It’s better to prevent problems than find yourself in the position of having to fix them. 

As summer transitions to fall, as the days get shorter and nights get colder, use this time to reflect on your own financial, physical, and spiritual wealth.

Use this time to transition into new and healthier routines on all fronts, to live the life you are meant to live . . .

. . .  now, and in the years ahead.

Let's Begin

If you have $1 million or more of investible assets and are in or close to retirement, start your transition to financial freedom in a strategy call with me. I would enjoy connecting.