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Fill the Void Thumbnail

Fill the Void

It seems like a few users of the online Robinhood trading platform are just now discovering that the stock market doesn’t go up, uninterrupted, forever.

In March, the company’s “active user count” fell 10%. Last week, Robinhood (HOOD) reported that its revenue declined 43% in the first quarter, from the same period one year ago, and its stock price has declined 73% from its initial public offering price from July 2021.*
For Coffeehouse Investors, the stock market has always been “two steps forward, one step back,” something Robinhood clients are just now discovering, or so it seems.

That is where you come in.

Fill the void for someone who is disillusioned with online “trading” and introduce them to The Coffeehouse Investor approach to building lifetime wealth.  


Graduation time is upon us, with an opportunity to touch someone’s life in a profound way.

For every brilliant beginner who is caught up in the lure of quick riches, there are many more investors who want to make smart decisions as they begin to save and invest in a workplace retirement plan.

Fill the void. Show them the way.    

You can change the world, one young investor at a time.

Better yet, consider a book purchase for them. I don’t know how long it will last, but right now Amazon is offering The Coffeehouse Investor’s Ground Rules at 60% off its cover price – a good primer on taking control of your long-term financial goals to enjoy financial freedom in retirement.

*The Wall Street Journal