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Does the Market Keep You Up at Night? Thumbnail

Does the Market Keep You Up at Night?

Almost 9 in 10 Americans agree that “nothing makes them happier or more confident” in life than having their finances in order.

Looking at the same topic from a different angle, Americans acknowledge that financial stress far outweighs the stress of relationships and professional challenges.

On top of that, “more than a quarter of Americans felt depressed at least monthly as a result of financial anxiety.”

This research by Northwestern Mutual, titled “2018 Planning and Progress Study” was carried out before the Covid-19 pandemic and current bear market in both stocks and bonds.

If the same research was carried out today, I suspect its findings would be even more dismal.

How can you start dialing back financial stress and start living life feeling confident that you have this “money thing” under control?

It starts by creating a financial plan so that you are in charge of your financial destiny, not the whims of the markets. As reported in last week’s newsletter, a recent Vanguard study revealed that if you retire during a bear market without thoughtful planning, you are 31% more likely to outlive your wealth.

Take back your life and take control of your destiny. If you are stressing over financial matters, maybe it is time for you to create your financial plan.

In the weeks ahead, I will show you how.