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Do Something Fun Thumbnail

Do Something Fun

University of Chicago Professor Richard H. Thaler suggests we “do something fun,” as a means of turning away from the daily grind of bad news and the temptation to fiddle around with your portfolio instead of leaving well-enough alone.  

As Professor Thaler reminds us, it can be a weighty task tuning out the din of Wall Street and focusing on what is important in our life – like our families, our careers, and our communities.

And I will admit that although I have immersed myself in The Coffeehouse Investor for the past quarter-century, encouraging you to “Build Wealth, Ignore Wall Street, and Get On With your Life,” it doesn’t necessarily make it any easier to ignore Wall Street when market corrections and bear markets capture the headline news.    

But it makes my life – and my emotions - a whole lot more manageable when I possess complete confidence in my financial plan and construction of my portfolio.

Are you looking for calmness with your emotions and confidence in your portfolio? Maybe it is time to explore what Coffeehouse Investors are all about.  

Schedule a 30-minute strategy session with me and let's build a plan focused on what's most important to you.