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Change a Life Thumbnail

Change a Life

“The Best Investment Book You’ve Never Read.”

That is how The Seattle Times described my first book way back in 2000.

Five years later, John Bogle, founder of The Vanguard Group, in a TIME Magazine interview, chose The Coffeehouse Investor as his top book on investing.

Fifteen years later I wrote a follow-up, The Coffeehouse Investor’s Ground Rules – Save, Invest and Plan for a Life of Wealth and Happiness.

 Christine Benz, Morningstar’s Director of Personal Finance suggested “This small-but-mighty volume is the perfect gift for loved ones looking to find their financial footing.”

You connect with The Coffeehouse Investor because you embrace timeless principles:

Don’t put all your eggs in one basket.

There is no such thing as a free lunch.

Save for a rainy day.

You have discovered that by integrating these three principles into your portfolio and financial plan, you are able to ignore Wall Street and get on with your life.

When we take a moment to share this message with others, we are changing their lives also, one investor at a time.

I don’t know how long it will last, but Amazon is currently offering my second book, Ground Rules, at 45% off the listed price.

This holiday season, instead of the usual material gifts, why not potentially change a life by providing them with the invaluable knowledge of the simple investment philosophy, described yet again in last week’s New York Times?

Help your loved ones build lasting wealth through the power of our timeless principles.

Need a Second Opinion?

If you are wondering if you could have done a few things differently this year with your financial plan, let's connect in a short complimentary strategy call and find out what you may be missing.

Lead a richer life through thoughtful planning, sensible investing, and objective advice with my firm, Soundmark Wealth Management.