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Can You Benefit From Working With a Wealth Advisor? Thumbnail

Can You Benefit From Working With a Wealth Advisor?

According to Vanguard, the potential value of working with a wealth manager can be worth almost $40,000 on a $1 million dollar portfolio.
The fees associated with financial advisors often lead investors astray. Heck, for the past 25 years I’ve touted the importance of keeping a keen eye on portfolio costs. However, what if I told you that working with a financial advisor while following the Coffeehouse principles could possibly create more value for you?

Don’t just take my word for it. Vanguard research and other academic studies have determined the potential value of adding a wealth manager can add over 3% in net returns. Vanguard breaks the benefits into five categories shown below.

When we work together you will get:

  1. Smart wealth accumulation and withdrawal strategies in retirement
  2. Rebalancing along with tax-loss harvesting
  3. Tax planning
  4. Insurance evaluations
  5. Estate planning

In today’s bear market, you want to protect what you’ve worked so hard to earn. Let’s build a plan that weathers this storm and beyond. As a financial advisor at Soundmark Wealth Management, I’ve spent nearly 25 years building financial plans for clients through 4 bear markets. Strategize with me and see what you may be missing.