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Can You Agree to Disagree?

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Description automatically generatedWe are traveling together on this planet in the middle of an infinite universe, trying to stay linked to our families, our communities, and ourselves in a way that brings meaning to our lives. This journey is a little different for each of us, but in the end, most of us would probably agree that it is the connection to other people in our lives that matters most of all.”  - The Coffeehouse Investor – How to Build Wealth, Ignore Wall Street, and Get On With Your Life.

During a contentious election season, sometimes it can be difficult to connect with those who don’t always see things our way.
 And yet maybe that is what we are challenged to do in this heated political climate – agree to disagree while continuing to press on with our views and our vote in a manner that reflects our desire to make this a better country, and a better world for all.
 Speaking of elections, did you vote today? It is one small, significant way you can make a difference that counts.
 While we are on the topic of elections, Dimensional Fund Advisors (DFA) has some useful strategies to integrate into your portfolio and financial plan following mid-year cycles.
 DFA’s advice?
Elect to Leave Your Portfolio Alone,” with data to back up that bold statement.
 Let’s strategize a portfolio and financial plan that supports the life you want, regardless of elections and market swings.