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Bad News for Bonds? Thumbnail

Bad News for Bonds?

This has been a bad year for bonds. Maybe the worst year since at least 1926.

This is due in large part to the rising interest rates forced upon the bond markets by the Federal Reserve to address screaming inflation numbers.

In the past during equity bear markets, bonds offered a haven.

Not this year.

With the Fed likely to continue raising rates until inflation gets under control, is it time to bail on bonds, or embrace them, and maybe even allocate more of your portfolio to bonds, to lock in rates not seen in many years?

In this equity and bond bear market, it might be time to regroup and evaluate the important role bonds play in your portfolio as pointed out in this thoughtful article written by iShares analyst Karen Veraa.

What's Your Next Step?

What do you do in a down market with stocks and bonds? Strategize with me and let's build an investment and financial plan that weathers this storm.