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Are You Smart Enough?   Thumbnail

Are You Smart Enough?

Together, we are changing the world, one investor at a time. We are providing clarity on what it takes to build emotional and financial wealth, to see you through your retirement years.
My goal in creating The Coffeehouse Investor 25 years ago, was never to persuade anyone that our approach to building wealth was superior to another approach.
My goal was simply to present timeless principles that we inherently know to be true. I figured most people who are intent on building lasting wealth are smart enough to take it from there.
In light of what has unfolded the past month in the stock market, of fast trading and easy money, I figure most people are still smart enough to embrace long-term common sense over the short-term lure of easy money.
Yesterday, Neil Irwin wrote a compelling article in The New York Times that mirrors the simple Coffeehouse Investor philosophy of portfolio management. Take a moment and share it with someone in your life who is intent on “building wealth, ignoring Wall Street, and getting on with their lives.”