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A Video Message From Bill Thumbnail

A Video Message From Bill

. . .  the financial conversations you have with yourself, your partner, and your household are essential. Money has a way of creating anxiety when there isn’t harmony in the way it flows into and out of our lives. It doesn’t matter how much you make or how much you spend. If money creates anxiety, it saps your energy. 

We need your essential creativity. We need that part of you that wants to touch people’s lives, not because you want to save the world, but because touching people’s lives and making a difference gives you joy and hope and happiness. - Excerpt from my book, The Coffeehouse Investor's Ground Rules.

Take a moment and breath – three, long slow breaths, as you transition throughout the day.

What are you going to take with you into 2022?

What are you going to leave behind?

Use this time of reflection to create the financial harmony you richly deserve. 

You can change the world in the lives you touch. It begins by changing you. I share more thoughts in my video below.