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Focus on Financial Planning Issues That Matter, Not The Markets

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Introducing Soundmark Wealth Management

Creating a successful financial plan that encompasses all dimensions of your well-being can be an immensely gratifying experience. Many people recognize the wisdom of aligning with a wealth management firm that embraces the same life principles found at The Coffeehouse.  

We like to think that the world of wealth management is evolving into something that makes sense for you.

We’ll Begin by Aligning Your Intentions Away From...

  • Picking top performing stocks and mutual funds
  • Identifying leading industries and trends
  • Predicting business cycles and market cycles

And Focus On...

  • Retirement accumulation planning
  • Asset allocation
  • Asset location
  • Tax planning
  • Insurance planning
  • Educational funding
  • Healthcare planning
  • Charitable planning
  • Eldercare planning
  • Investing in low cost index and passively managed funds

And Ultimately...

  • Controlling of your financial destiny 
  • Achieving peace of mind
  • Getting on with your life

To learn more, please send Bill a message.

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